Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This Spring we purchased a Slackline. A Slackline is like a tie-down for hauling only you attempt to walk across it. It's great for balance, core strength and entertainment. I had seen it on the web several times and asked Bill if we could get one. The one thing holding us back from getting one is that we had no way to set it up. We don't have any trees on our lot. Eventually Bill figured out a way. Somehow he anchored two things in the ground (very technical talk) and then tensioned the line over a step stool and limestone brick on one end and a bike stand and limestone brick on the other. It works just fine.

Like I said, it's great for balance, core strength and entertainment. Our neighbors sat on their back deck and watched us. 
Ben, Bill and I have each made it sort of across. Audrey, Luke and Lucy have not. :)  


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