Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Around Here

Do you see this guy? This man, flanked by his beautiful daughter and two boys that somehow managed to sit still for a picture? Yeah, that guy.
He's Dad around here.
He: plays ball the minute he gets home, replaces a popped bike tire, listens to dramatic tales and stories, makes Dad/Daughter dates, gets jumped on, wrestled with, reads through the Bible with each of the kids, reads Chronicles of Narnia, rides motorcycles, plays mini-golf on Father's Day, can make mac-n-cheese and scrambled eggs, goes to the zoo, the capitol, the downtown skywalk, occasionally matches clothes, spends a lot of time listening, guiding, training, counseling, explaining, teaching, coaching, runs a mean grill, builds a basketball court, goes sledding, goes camping single-handed, "loses" in foosball, finishes the end of Charlotte's Web, listens to all manners of music concerts, goes bowling, fishing, removes splinters, goes on bike rides, goes shopping, goes to movies, goes to Advertureland, rides spinning rides and roller coasters, decorates birthday cakes, makes root beer floats, answers multitudes of questions, gives hugs, kisses, pounds, high fives... with us.
We love Dad!!!


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