Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I would just like to state that 4 year old boys are sometimes wearisome. There is just no other way of putting it.
They can swallow 10 pieces of gum, because they were hungry.
They can talk to strangers in the produce aisle, telling them to "pound it", which means to weigh their produce to see how many pounds it is.
They can bonk their heads under the bleachers at a ball game and then later remark that they should have ducked.
They can experiment with peeing in different places, such as filling the trash can (which is right next to the toilet) with toilet paper and then going in it, standing on the edge of the bathtub and shooting across into the tub (again, next to the toilet, in a different bathroom), pull their pants down in the backyard just far enough to create a nice little arc, go in the garage (technically, in the house), or just simply wet their pants altogether right in front of the toilet.
They can insist on wearing "longs" when you tell them to put shorts on.
They can scare you to death by hiding play-doh during rest time, leading you to believe that they ate a whole ounce of it. (He downed 10 pieces of gum in one swallow, what's to stop him with play-doh?)
They can interrogate an aunt at the door and demand to know if she has any babies with her. When she says no, he can give her the thumbs up and let her pass. Reason why? Apparently he has an issue with another aunt's baby who allegedly hits him in delicate places and he doesn't like that.
They can fall off their bike because he was reaching up with both hands to try to grab a branch overhead and then comment that he should have held on with both hands (all while still having training wheels on!)
They can observe Grandma allowing herself to land in the straw on her bottom (to be safe) after swinging on the rope in the barn and then announce, "Boy, Grandma, gravity really pulls you down!"
They can spend all morning at church day camp, and most of the afternoon playing outside and then later say, "Mom, you didn't take me for a walk today."

Cute wearisome.


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