Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Best Dam Run

I'm not swearing, I swear!! That's the name of the race! Okay, this year it is called The Best Inflatable Dam Race because Waverly is going to install an inflatable bladder on the top of the dam in hopes of controlling some major flooding that has happened in recent years. 
The race was a couple of weekends ago and the kids and I went up to Waverly to run it and also to see my mom and dad and great-grandma.
The morning turned out rainy and cold so Audrey and I did all we could to stay warm before the race. Here's a picture from my phone of us two beforehand.

Audrey and I ran together the whole 5k (3.1 miles) until the end where her youth overtook her and she sprinted the last bit and where my knee overtook me and I could just keep barely running. The course was nice with only 1 major hill. It was a good thing we finished how we did because Audrey ended up winning her age bracket for girls and I ended up seeing Grandma and the boys just get there!
After our race, the boys each had a fun run. The littlest ones were first, so Audrey ran with Luke, which was a good thing since he totally crashed as he was speeding so fast! She ended up carrying him until the last few yards. He got an owie on his knee but it was okay because he got a prize at the end.

Ben ran his fun run race with his big sweatshirt flopping all over the place. He did not crash and had a LOT of fun! In the prize sacks was a coloring book, crayons, a pass to the local fitness area and a free meal at Pizza Ranch!! 

I will now show you pathetic...

I will now show you happy...

P.S. Bill was in Wisconsin on some major Dualsport ride called Big Woods with his buddy, Joe. There are no pictures because we only have one camera and I obviously had it. He had fun, though.

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  1. Great Photo's! Congrats to All :)

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