Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Won

I have a cousin that lives in California. Her name is Jill. All my memories of her are her being grown up. Not because she is old, but because our Grandma had two kids and then my "oops" dad came along later. So that's why. Anyway, she moved to California as soon as she could, I think, and has never come back except to visit her mom every once in a while.

Very soon after I started this blog, I got a message from a person name Jill, saying hi, her mom told her about my blog, etc. I was totally confused. It's not like I talk to my aunt or her very often. Once I figured it out, I was surprised and happy. I love how the internet makes a big world very small!
She told me to check out her blog that she runs, Frugal Plus, so I did. She has all sorts of coupons for restaurants, products, etc., and LOTS of giveaways! Well, I'm all for a free sample of this or that and I started following her and trying the samples and entering the giveaways. And I actually won! Woohoo!!

I won the book, The Very Fairy Princess, by Julie Andrews Edwards. That's right! By Mary Poppins/Maria herself! Now, I don't have a little princess anymore, though I'm sure Audrey would still love the book (a good take along to babysit book) and my boys aren't exactly into princess things, (Luke's exact quote: "I don't want a friend who likes princesses!") but I knew exactly who I wanted to read this book to! So I kept it tucked away for the day when I would have Ariana and Chiara over and then we would snuggle on the couch together, open a perfectly pink and princessy book and I would score as the best aunt ever! Well, that day arrived and I set the book on the ottoman while I finished up a few things. Meanwhile, Ariana comes over and sees the book, then says "The Very Fairy Princess." I look over in shock, thinking that somehow she can read but she says no, they already checked it out from the Ames Library and read it! Oh no! Crushed. Deflated. My best aunt ever dreams annihilated by the best mom ever! Fine. Whatever. Sit down and listen. We're going to read it anyway.

Just kidding. We did snuggle into the couch, we did open a perfectly pink and princessy book and enjoyed a wonderful time together.
Geraldine is a fairy princess and she knows just what it takes to be a fairy princess, though she hasn't quite mastered everything.
"My brother, Stewart, says fairy princesses don't wear sneakers and don't have scabby knees. I say sneakers help me practice my flying skills, ESPECIALLY when we're late for the school bus, and scabs are the price you pay. (Fairy princesses are very practical.)"

Isn't that so fun?! So, a big thanks to my cousin Jill over at Frugal Plus for the book. (check her out from my sidelink) And you can get your own copy at your favorite book dealer or (apparently) the Ames Public Library. All the princesses in your life will thank you.

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  1. Awww...Thanks for the shout-out! I'm glad you were able to read The Very Fairy Princess after all :) It is a Fantastic book!

    With so many miles between us, I'm glad it's a small world and we can keep up-to-date via the internet :)


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