Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm a Fit Nut

Today I'm being featured as a Fit Nut on Run With Kate.

Heh, I know what you're thinkin'... I should just be featured as a nut. :)

I know Kate from the Twitter scene. She asked us to fill out some questions on her blog, which I did, and now me and my answers get the spotlight. (Gosh, that's been a while. I hope my answers are good.)

So Hi to any new visitors today! I'm glad you popped over. Leave a comment to tell me about yourself.

My blog is about more than running. It falls more under the life/family category, I guess. It's a smattering of snippets of my life; you won't find it thorough and complete in any one particular area. Want a good recipe you know will be a hit? Try the tastes like... section. Want a crash course in dirt bikes? Check the boys and bikes tag. (And if you're a rider yourself, definitely leave me a comment. I'm desperate to find some other dirt bike mom blogs out there. I still have questions- esp. about laundry!) Looking for an example of living out God's Words? Shine Like Stars is a favorite section of mine.

But if your sole purpose here today is to curb your curiosity about my running, then run is your starting line. If you have more questions than answers about me and my running or health questions or any kind of question, #imnoexpertbut I'd love to answer them if you leave them in the comments section or email me. I'll answer them right here on the blog for you! For FREEEEE! (I love Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories.)

Catch me on Twitter, too. I'm like, so awesome at tweeting. Okay, no I'm not. If you want to read random stuff about being a #barefootaccompanist and follow my awkward answers to #runchat and #ultrachat questions then that's where you'll find all that goodness. 

Once again, thanks for stopping by and don't forget to say hi!


  1. Hi Mindy - nice to meet you - I was also a Fit Nut for kate and am on blog is kind of a mix too - a bit of running, a bit of cycling and a bit of life:) Catch you later, Robyn

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Robyn. Will take a look at your running life, too!

  2. Hi Mindy! Popping over from Kate's to say hello. We have a lot in common... just followed you on Twitter. :)

    1. Nice to get to know you. Thanks for stopping over.

  3. I love what you've done here - such a smart way to line it all up so people know where to go for info! Thanks for being a fit nut :-)


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