Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We Built a Shed

I'm interrupting the vacation highlights to bring you a picture filled "What We Did This Summer." I have to interrupt because Google says my free 1G of photo storage is full and I can't upload anymore pictures to Blogger until I somehow clear some of my free storage or buy more. Grr.  
So without further ado... We Built a Shed
I already had this pictures uploaded in a draft but never finished writing the post so that's how I can publish this one and not my other one.

We've had a cement slab poured for a shed since the first year we built. This summer I pretty much threatened within inches of boots, Camelbaks, extra motor fluid, spare parts all the way to motorized two-wheel vehicles that bring us lots of fun that I was going to be parking in our garage this winter but really the sooner, the better.
Ok, I implored nicely that I thought this needed to be the summer of the shed.

Bill had the plans already figured out, the material was dropped off and work began. Our friend Darin, whom we have remodeled and built every one of our homes with, stopped by to drop off some tools. No serious building project can go on without at least day of help from Darin.

Bill finished the evening solo framing up the rest of the walls because the next day would be shed raising day. Sort of like a barn raising, except on a smaller scale and with shorter help and this would house motorcycles and not animals and hay. 
So, yep, pretty much like a barn raising.
Next day the temps are setting records but a shed needs to get up. Our helpers have been enlisted in various degrees of enthusiasm. Luke is given the job of manning the camera. It was the easiest way to keep him busy and from getting him possibly squished.
Besides my daughter, notice our garden. It's growing well. You can see tomatoes, cucumbers climbing up a metal headboard (found at my uncle's farm in a manure spreader!), the tops of green beans and a few leaves of broccoli. Perhaps next year I'll chronicle the garden better.

Lucy kept watch over the power tools and scraps of wood.
That would be one wall up.

Don't panic and call 911. Nothing happened here except for teenager fatigue. The condition that occurs when growing teens exert themselves for, like, 30 minutes. 
See? She has enough strength to shoo away the paparazzi.
Serious stuff this shed building business.
Um, just how much help are you going to be?
Wow, apparently enough to get the other walls up!
And there you have it, folks. Next Bill started working on framing the roof and I lost interest in taking pictures. Forward a few weeks and the roof is on and shingled. Windows and siding are installed. Paint is slapped up (the kids did help with that but I was very busy refilling paint pans and inspecting work to take pictures). Wiring, drywall, all that stuff- done.
When I'm allowed to add more pictures to Blogger I'll try to get a finished shot in. The really good news is that I can now park in my garage and we kept all the bikes and gear!


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