Saturday, January 12, 2013

Counting Cousins

Remember a way back this past summer when we had the Epic Cousins Day and I left you dangling with this picture that I swore I would tell you all about at some later date? 

Today's that later date- WooHoo!

I took the idea straight from Martha again. (Martha has been my inspiration long before Pinterest and the internet came full throttle.) I picked up a bunch of t-shirts and a couple packages of printable iron-on transfers from Hobby Lobby. Washed and iron the t-shirts before doing the next step. Print out whatever you want on the appropriate side of the transfer. If you accidentally print on the wrong side, it ok. Just flip the transfer over and print again. Obvs, I wanted numbers. Cut out the transfer, trimming around the design and iron on to the shirt. I think you need to cover it first with an old towel or something. Done. These couldn't be easier!!

So what's with the numbered shirts? Scroll on down...

We needed to practice our counting, of course!

Nah. We lined the cousins up in birth order against the fabulous, oh so easy garland for some memory capturing.

It was met with great enthusiasm.

And total cooperation.

And everyone participating.

And they all smiled and looked at the camera the whole time.

Thank God for digital cameras!

In the end, we got a couple of good enough shots and called it a wrap. 
I couldn't tell you about it earlier because I took these pics and the others and made a book for everyone for Christmas.

AND... my mom is getting a big canvas of this one for her birthday!!


  1. SUCH a cute idea. Your mama is a lucky gal.

    1. Thanks, Chelsea. She is really excited to get it and she certainly loves her grandkids!

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog:) I love this idea, especially the "cooperation" that you got from all the kids - very funny! Robyn


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