Monday, September 3, 2012

Epic Cousins Day

This was a cousins day party to end summer, start school and most importantly say good-bye to Cora, Obi, Gavin and Athan. They are moving to California for 6-8 months as Philip's job has him working a big project out there. 

I almost always start with some ideas and a color scheme. Hobby Lobby is practically a one stop shop- I came away with everything needed for the party except for the candy and other food items. 

Getting ready to blow up balloons. I found this little hand pump at HL for $3 and it was well worth it. Then, instead of cruising the web alone while balloon filling, my friend Jenn stopped by and helped me! WooHoo!

At HL, I found inkjet iron on transfer paper, so after the kids went to bed, I started this little project.

I had seen an oh-so-awesome and easy garland and very badly wanted to make it. Jenn asked me if I would have time. I said sure, why not? I mean, I had only been up since 4:30 (for some crazy work-out session) and I didn't yet have the materials to make it. But what's that to stop me? Audrey had to be taken to church for youth group and so I just happened to stop at HL again that night. The next morning I scrambled a text to Jenn and Angie and asked if they had a cutting mat, straight edge and rotary cutter and could they please, please, please come help me? Angie could! So before I knew it, the strips were cut and we were on our way to tying it all together. Then the first batch of cousins came and I  put Cora on the job to finish it.

I put Gavin in charge of labeling all the cups. He put a smiley face on each one, too! (Athan got the job of filling the veggie tray but no picture as I was helping to keep the veggies from hitting the floor.)
Ben and Obi handled the water balloons. Ben and I had started with 70 filled the night before and I was hoping for a lot more, but for some reason the balloon didn't last over night. Not sure why? Do they start disintegrating immediately?
After a few other party set-ups, including the garland and the canopy we were ready for some watermelon. It was only going to be 100 degrees that day!

I left this picture in not to show I can still do the crab walk :) but the fabulous garland hanging on the fence!
The game of the day was an obstacle course. Raise your hand if you love obstacle courses!! Here Obi and Ben are obviously talking strategy. 
Under the balloon table and please try not to pop as many balloons as possible, BEN!
Obi never recovered from the army crawl under the balloon table and, I guess, decided to take the tires the same way.
Who remembers these from P.E.? Yep.
Also to be noted is that Ben ran alongside Obi and yelled "C'mon, push it, push it!" adding to the hilarity.
These boys take their obstacle course running seriously!! The very first event is to lay down a paper sack, step on it, pick up another one and place it down, step on it, etc. Any kind of footwear is appropriate- socks, shoes, barefeet.

Athan loves the balloon table. We all love the balloon table! 
Good thing we've kept all these motorcycle tires! 
Here's Gavin on the balance beam. It's made from a 1x4 and two wood stumps. The wood stumps make it nice and wobbly.

Right after the paper bag walk was the balloon slalom. Bat a balloon with a pink plastic light saber (leftover from a past cousin's Christmas gift) around three plastic cones. Turns out 100 degrees hot can also be windy and Ariana had to get another balloon as her's blew away.
Oops, missed one. I guess not all of us are ready for the NFL combine.
What is it about wee little sizes that makes them so adorable? Chiara making a giant leap to the next bag!

We modified the plastic cup walking to bunny hops for the smaller ones. 
The balloon table is fun for even the biggest kid.
But here the biggest kid doesn't want her picture taken any more. So let's notice the garland on the fence, instead.
Expert softball/soccer player and the wind gets the best of her.

So here was the order of our obstacle course: paper bag walk, balloon slalom, balloon table, tires, balance board, plastic cup walk, crab-walk.
Then we busted out water balloons!
Valor found his own balloons to play with.

He's outta here!
Time to feed the bunch: slider burgers, veggies, chips, watermelon and ice cream sandwiches.
Time for a little guy to open a birthday present. He's been one but we finally had a chance to see him.
All that's left...
This was a million times fun! I found the idea for an obstacle course from an old Martha Stewart Kids magazine and took a few ideas from other online sources via Pinterest, too. If my friends, Jenn and Angie hadn't come over, I would have been sunk, so thanks a lot you two!

Oh, in case you're wondering what those iron-on numbers had to do with anything, well, I can't tell you yet. Sorry. :)



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