Monday, September 17, 2012

Our, I Mean, Audrey's 1st Homecoming

Audrey was invited to the Ames High Homecoming Dance this past weekend. She went with a bunch of friends and her date was just a friend, also.

The flowers... so easy for the girl to wear. Just slip it on your wrist.
 The flowers... so hard for the girl to pin on the guy. You may have to have your mom help out. And the guy may get stabbed either during the pinning or while wearing it.
 The girls...
 The guys...
 Audrey and her date, J...
 I must say, though we'd only met J one time and had a few conversations with him or about with other parents, he was a gentleman to Audrey. He was respectful, courteous and wanted to be with her (but not in a get-away-from-my-daughter way). And I thought Audrey handled herself very well. She doesn't want me to say this, but I thought she was appropriate for the situation.
Funny story... After all the couples pics and so forth, the guys were done. Let's eat, we're starving they said. Were the girls done? Oh no! Pictures of nails. Pictures of corsages. Pictures of whatever. Thought for next time- bring snacks for the guys?
 Food... Homemade pizza at a friend's house.
 The dance... More blurry here than I wanted but I still like the look. (Audrey and J are on the right)


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