Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Hartford Harescramble

Has it been a while since I shared with you a hare scramble? It sure feels like it. If you've been missing it, today's your lucky day!

We headed up north this time, just outside of New Hartford, IA for a new race. It had been years since the racing club there hosted one. We made a special point to come to this one because it is just minutes from my uncle's farm and 20 minutes from my hometown. (We still had to get up early and drive up because of Audrey's dance the night before, though.)

I always love this little pre-race chat. I wonder what they are talking about? If it were me, I'd say things that would just make Ben roll his eyes but Dad knows what to say. There were four in the 65 class and Ben got off to a fantastic start (it's called the hole shot- where you get through the starting area first).
 Most of the racing done at this club is motocross and so the racers got to use some of the track as part of their course. It makes for easy spectating because you can just sit in one spot and watch the riders come through. It also makes for some awesome photo ops!

 A race near family means a bigger cheering section! My Uncle Dean came for a few hours and so did my mom and dad. Luke was there, too, but he was off playing with friends. (Audrey stayed home.)
Bill's race took place a little later. Because my parents were there, I got to leave Luke with them and Ben and I took off through the woods to watch the race. Sometimes the race course is so spread out that you really can only see one area and then have to hike a ways to find another good vantage point. Not so here. 
 What boys do when sand and water are at hand.
 This is the river that winds on the west side of my uncle's farm, which is further downstream. Because this branch of it runs so low, and especially this year, the race was routed through it.

 Good thing, too, because I was afraid the laundry would be too easy this time. ;)
 Ben and I were headed back when I spotted a tree stand. Sweet!
I took a bunch of shots of riders because who gets that angle every day?
I really love this rider in particular, dirty face and all.
 Oh, I should mention that Ben had the race of his life so far and took home first!
 I did not prompt this picture, but in case you wanted to know, the trophy on the right was Ben's biggest one until this race. 
We love race days! Thanks for reading!


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