Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Aiden's First Haircut

Text received a few days ago from Halena: So would you like to cut off some of Aiden's hair anytime soon?
Me: Ohh no. I'm no good at giving cuts. Let me ask my sister though.
Me: She said she could.
Halena: Great. Does she know I have a squirmy 20 month old?
Me: Yes. :) She has a squirmy 18 month old boy as well.

A couple days later, I've assembled all parties in my home. Aiden- the squirmy 20 month old. Halena- the mom. Beth- the barber for the evening. Me- photog and distraction specialist. Others were scattered about: Ariana, Chiara, and Luke entertained Leonna with toys and such on and off. Bill and Ben pretty much kept to themselves on the couch. Audrey was off at musical rehearsal.

Beth's tried and true method is to strap the kid into a booster seat and set them on the table. We handed Aiden a ball and put a cape on him. Beth discusses what kind of cut Halena wants for him. Halena just says short. 

After the first cut, I hand Beth a baggie and she asks if it his first cut. Unbeknown to us, it is. Panic sort of sets in for Beth. She doesn't want to mess up his first cut. Hah! I'm so glad it's her and not me.

You would have thought this boy had sat through a million cuts the way he just sat there. He held the little ball the entire time.

Mama H is so proud of her little man.

 Sister Leona came up to see what was going on. I explained what was going on and that cutting hair was only for Mom to do. (Oh dear. This girl can find mischief like no other.) She also fed the fish. We have a fish, in case you didn't know. It's name is Swimmy. It's a female Beta fish. It's Luke's fish. Aiden and Leona love the fish.

Aiden pretty much sat the entire time holding that ball. After a while Beth needed him to hold really still to cut around the ears and such so I showed him the pictures on my camera. He made motorcycle sounds when I showed him pictures of Ben riding. We also watched a video clip of Luke playing basketball from my phone. It's about 10 seconds long but the more times we watched it, the more he loved it.

This new do, paired with those cheeks and that smile pretty much spell trouble. At one point, he looked over and had the orneriest grin on his face. Oh my!

Who's a handsome boy? 

We're all done!

The moment he got down from his chair, he set that ball on the floor and kicked it clear across the room! Enough of this sittin' still, handsome stuff. I'm a boy on the go and it's five minutes before bed!


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