Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wall of Hearts

I'm throwing in a PinterTest Kitchen post here but it's not going to be about food. Shocker! 

I'm cooking and baking and trying out all sorts of new things found through Pinterest all the time so basically I could blog all the live long day about that. I pin all sorts of other stuff but don't get to those as often because one can't live on glue sticks alone.

That being said, here's to one of my latest crafty ventures.

My friend Angie loves, Loves, LOVES Valentine's Day. She also loves a fun get together. So in her awesomeness, she put together a Valentine's Day progressive supper. She asked if Bill and I could host one of the courses and, of course, we said yes. My brain instantly turns to food but... since I'm not sharing about the food I won't go into it. (I'm totally holding back what appetizers I served, but if you ask pretty, pretty please I'll spill it. Actually, if you just ask once. They were really good. The cashews travelled to all the rest of the courses. Gah- I almost spilled it!)  Let's talk decorating.

I'm a simple decorator. And I like to use what I have or make from very simple materials. Things I've collected here and there.

I read the How About Orange blog and one day she posted this tutorial on 3D hearts. Perfect. You need cardstock or colored paper, scissors, glue and some sort of way to adhere it to the wall. I printed, cut, folded, glued two pages of hearts. Then, on one of Ben's days home, he and I tackled the wall they were to go on with sticky tack. 

Short story: Sticky tack and I are not friends. The end.

Rather than get myself more frustrated, I left them for when Bill got home. I had appetizers to make and I figured he could help a girl out. 

Short story: Bill used 3M Command Adhesive and the hearts stuck. I think he's wonderful. The end.

No, those aren't thought bubbles, but they could be because thats how I feel about these two!

So that's my PinterTest Kitchen contribution for the month. 

P.S. Go to this post about celebrating St. Patty's Day with those same hearts. I have no idea if I'll do those. How many of you decorate for March 17? 

P.S.S. I did it! I didn't talk about food! Are you happy or sad about that?

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