Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A start at keys

Once upon a time I had a little girl named Audrey. I taught piano lessons through my entire pregnancy and as soon as she was born I started singing to her and sitting her at the piano. It was evident very early on that she loved and connected with music.

Then this little girl grew up and became part of an awesome jr. high ministry at our church, called 180. Through her own desires and God's giftings to her, Audrey is a part of the worship team on vocals and keyboard. This week was her keyboard debut with the worship band.

Audrey was a bit skeptical when I told her at the beginning of the year that she should not only sing, but also play keyboard. To not take part of this opportunity, I knew, would be for her to miss out in a way that she might regret later on. Also, I wanted her to begin her keyboarding skills (different than classical piano skills) early on with some really talented band members. She hesitated at the idea, but was willing to go with it. Her preparation for it earlier this week was not without its highly emotional, panic stricken drama. We all pulled through, however, and Audrey did great!! She had such a great time that afterwards, she asked me if she could be on the call list for substitute keyboard players!!

Over 200 jr. high students meet together every week to hear the Word and to worship. It is not any easy thing to stand up on a stage and sing and play in front of that many kids. But how the Lord loves our sacrifice of self and our talents for His glory. Yeah, Audrey!

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  1. I am sitting at my desk and crying. "Scooter" can no longer sit on my lap. I am very proud to see Audrey enjoying music and the talent that she has. GH


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