Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Vision Come True

There is this place in Chicago, called The Merchandise Mart. You can read about it here with this link to Wikipedia to get a general idea.
Bill and I visited Chicago and the Merchandise Mart five years ago. We loved this place from the moment we walked up to it. The architecture and the d├ęcor elements alone (things both Bill and I enjoy) are wonderful.

We worked our way through the kitchen and bath section of the building to see what the cabinet trade was up to. We saw some fantastic kitchens and many, many great ideas. It showed us what great cabinet companies are doing. We loved that place, (though they could use more chairs for pregnant women to rest in) and have never forgotten our experience there.

Fast forward five years and Bill’s cabinet business, Envision Cabinetry is doing well. Like I said, we never forgot what we saw in Chicago and so when I saw this picture, I thought it was just a random picture from the Merchandise Mart.
I thought Bill was looking at it for ideas that maybe client was thinking about. I thought, wow- it sure would be nice if Bill could do that someday. Then I realized it was a picture from a recent kitchen he had completed! This is his kitchen! He already can do that!! I was floored! I often see the projects only from home, when he meets with the client here to discuss the layout and plans. I see wood samples, door styles, and boxes being unloaded from the semi. Very often I don’t see the final product. The time that Bill works on the cabinets is after his other work, so it is late. And it is off site at his shop, not our basement or garage, like it used to be. If I do stop by the shop, the cabinets are often in pieces still or covered to protect them, so these pictures just blew me away!

Bill said that he felt quite pleased that I thought his cabinets were from the Merchandise Mart. He felt that to pass my discerning eye (hah) was quite an accomplishment for him. I am just so amazed and proud that he is able to take what people see, make it happen and make it look fantastic!

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  1. WTG Bill! Looks Amazing! Can you come out to CA and re-do my kitchen?

    Hi Mindy! Found your blog thru Mom today. If you have a chance stop by and visit Frugal Plus :)


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