Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

What is the best Valentine's gift I've ever gotten from Bill? Is it the first Valentine's Day where we dressed up and Bill brought home supper for us to eat in our apartment? No, that ended up being too corny for me. Was it the next year, when I tried to fix a really nice dinner, which never cooked in proper time and left me in a mess of tears? Possibly. That year we began the tradition of skipping the entire notion of fancy schmancy in exchange for a Chicago style hot dog at Dairy Queen. It was great. We really have never looked back. We had DQ hot dogs for several years and felt very happy to just be with each other. Since then we have pretty much stayed in, had a home cooked meal and watched a movie. I like it. Since everything costs more when you go out that day: the dinner, the flowers, the gifts, the sitter, this way just takes the pressure off and we get our time together with three kids in tow.
We still have had our ups and downs despite our tradition. The year I was pregnant with Ben I got heartburn so badly that I called First Nurse because I thought I was going to die. One year, we had out of this world homemade pizza and instilled in Audrey the love of Frank Sinatra. Another year, Bill got me a gift, which was a surprise to me since we don't usually exchange gifts. I liked it but felt bad and compelled to get him something. (I can take a small gesture and really blow it up.) Even this year, he wanted to go a little over the top for me- art museum, fancy dinner- and what did I say? No, thank you! I just want to go to a movie, in town with a nice, casual dinner afterwards. What is the matter with me?!! Actually, Bill doesn't care, though he never realized he was marrying a romantic holiday-phob! So, he patiently explains to me that all he really wants is to be with me. (contented sigh from me)
In spite of all that, this year he got what might be the best gift so far. A snowmobile! Okay, it's not really for me, it's for my gearhead husband and especially our boys, but I am benefiting from it. He takes them out for a ride while I get a break. They all have a lot of fun and I get tremendous joy from their fun. They burn off energy and I get to blog or work out or play with the others or any number of other things by myself, in quiet. By myself. In quiet. Bill had no idea that I would think that this was the best Valentine's Day gift ever!


  1. How fun, Mindy! Good that Ben is geared up with our hand-me-downs! Are you sure you don't want the two pair of goggles, in light of this new toy?

  2. Angie-We already got goggles! :) tee hee hee


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