Sunday, August 8, 2010

I like being a tourist

On Saturday the guys had big riding plans. Bill brought his motorcycle so he and Joe could go trail riding. To my knowledge Bill has a red bike, Joe has an orange one. But for all the guys reading: Bill has a Husqvarna TE 610 and Joe has a KTM 690- ar! ar! They took off after breakfast and rode for most of the day. At one point, I got a text from Bill saying “Now THAT’S what I bought this bike for!”
Joe, Audrey, Bill

Jacqui, the kids and I drove up to this great mini-golf course and met the guys there. The golf course was really nice and my kids were thrilled to play on it. Erin and Molly had never played mini-golf before. Once Erin understood the concept, she was all for it. Molly just wanted to look at the water. My favorite hole was one designed to look like a skee-ball game.

While our kids went another round of golf, Jacqui and the girls wandered around a bit and found a patch of rhubarb. She went in and asked the lady at the front desk about it. The lady had no idea if the rhubarb was still good but she said if it was we could have it. I went over and looked at it and, sure enough, it was still good. So Jacqui and I picked a huge bunch of it to take home. Also, the Paul Bunyan legend is “big” up there and we had to get a picture of the kids with Paul’s caddy!

The guys hopped back on their bikes and headed home, while the rest of us loaded up and stopped at this really cute little tourist town and headed into a candy shop called The Chocolate Ox. The kids’ eyes nearly popped out of their heads when we walked into the store! And we spotted (how could you miss?) these jawbreakers! What we got was ice cream, though and iced lattes for Jacqui and I. Yum!

Then for supper was ribs and ice cream cake. Jacqui kept us well fed during our visit. I told her the next day that I could not stay for one more meal! I love Jacqui's food! And Jacqui!

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