Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lake Day

Our next day found us getting ready for a fun day at the lake. Joe and Bill had both taken off for work and Jacqui and I were left with the kids. So we headed across the street to a neighbor's lakefront beach for a picnic lunch and fun in the sun.

They had a water slide, so down went the kids.

And they had sand, so down went a hole.

And they had a paddle boat, so out went the crew.

Phew! They made it back! But how did Jacqui end up coasting the ride in? Is anyone pedaling that thing besides Ben?

After our time in the sun, we headed home to clean up and get ready for a double date! With no kids! Just ourselves! Eating grown-up food! And speaking complete sentences! And celebrating my birthday!
That's what we did, too! Joe and Jacqui treated us to supper at Ivan's (on the lake? shore?- I don't remember), and it was yummy. We ordered all appetizers because they looked good. The bbq thai spring rolls, the walleye fingers, the smoked chicken nachos and ceviche, which is fish that is basically cooked? cured? not raw anymore, by the acids in the lemon and lime juice and mixed with a mango salsa(!) Adult food! When the waiter asked if we wanted desserts, I said yes! So Joe and Jacqui split a Honey Sweet apple dumpling thing and Bill and I split a creme brulee!! That was my first taste!
That was my birthday. Good food and good friends. sigh- 'tis good to have a birthday!


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