Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Day

For our last day of vacation we decided that we really didn't have to be home all that early, so we filled the day up.
Our first stop was Split Rock Lighthouse. It isn't used any more for ships passing by because there is this thing now called GPS but it was still impressive.

While we were there we happened to see a great sailing ship come close by. Down in Duluth they were going to have a festival or something with eight of these great tall mast ships coming in. It was very fun to see.

Then we drove a little further down the road and stopped at Gooseberry Falls. Here we didn't have to hike to get to the falls but neither did anyone else, so there were lots of people. The day was warm but nice and we criss-crossed the river several times and walked right up to one part of the fall!

All along this area were people and cameras- nice cameras, nice cameras and lenses and tripods and more! I had a little nice camera envy. However, if my camera dropped in the water, I would just be out vacation pictures and maybe $100. They would be out $$$ and vacation pictures. But it was so beautiful that all you had to do (even if you knew nothing about photography) was to point and shoot. (But someday I will have a nicer camera.)

So we got to a spot where I wanted a family shot and I asked a girl if she would take our picture. She had a nice camera so when I handed her my little point and shoot apologetically she was like "Oh, I used to have one of these before I got this." But she did take a nice picture of us
Then it was time for just the kids.

And then it was time for senior portraits. Audrey and Luke were all up for it.

Ben was not.

So that is why he is not in this fun tree picture.

We took a little hike around the area and crossed a bridge that directly under the highway for our last views of Lake Superior.

Right before we headed out for good we stopped for lunch in Two Harbors which also happens to be the town where 3M first started. I convinced Bill that since we were just blocks away from the first office we should go. So here it is. Now Bill has made the official Mecca trip to the homeland and his life is complete, or something like that. It wasn't open so we didn't go in and I didn't take a picture of him next to the building because that would be dorky.

As we were going down the highway though, we spotted the same boat and pulled over to rush out and see it again, this time with all it's sails up. After that, we were definitely done stopping and just wanted to get home.

So that's it! Thanks for hanging in there. Is this the modern day equivalent to relatives vacation slideshows? I think not since it was completely optional for you to read this, whereas you have no escape when it comes to relatives.

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  1. Your north shore trip looks so great! I think our family should take a vacation there, too.


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