Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Our Way

A few weeks ago, we packed up and headed for a vacation in Minnesota. I know this is probably not most people's first choice for a vacation destination, but we had heard good things about Lake Superior's North Shore area and decided to check it out.
Our first destination was to get to Baxter (right next to Brainerd) to visit our friends Joe and Jacqui and their girls, Erin and Molly. They are friends of ours who used to live in Ames. Bill also had to spend a day in the Alexandria 3M plant learning about some systems they use their, so we just combined the whole thing into a week long excursion.
We stopped in Owatonna to fill up and take a break. The kids were so excited to see not just a Subway and a McDonalds but also a Coldstone Creamery in the gas station. Then they were sad when they couldn't get anything.

Not everyone cooperates for the camera!
For the 6 hour drive the kids did really well. Ben had his newly purchased DS with him, Audrey had half a library with her and Luke had a little bit of everything stuffed in his backpack! One problem with looking at game screens is the sunlight bouncing off it, so Luke draped a towel over his head to block the sun. We picked this little tip up from Ben when traveling in Florida. I always wondered why he had his head buried in his sweatshirt and he told me what he was doing. Smart kid!

Bill drove the whole way and while he drove I read aloud to him. We haven't done this in a long time because often I get audio books to listen to or we talk, etc. But the sneaking, conniving man had bought a book in hopes that I would read it. Well, I picked it up and started it and couldn't put it down. However, since Bill had already heard it on audio, he knew all about it and kept asking me questions about this and where I was at and had I got to that part, etc. until I finally said I would just read it to him so he would know where I was at and stop asking me! We finished the book and my life was changed! Maybe, if I have enough time or you really want to know, I tell you about it.
After stopping at an outlet mall (there's like this magnetic attraction between me and outlet malls!), we finally made it to Joe and Jacqui's for hellos and hugs. It was great to be there, great to see them and great to be out of the car!

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