Thursday, November 11, 2010

My High For the Day

Almost every night at supper we go around the table and share a "high" and "low" for the day. It's a chance for the kids to air some things and also helps the learn to listen to others and enter into their experiences. (I took the idea from my Bible study leader. Thanks, Carolyn!)

So here is my high that is almost every Wednesday this school year so far. A full supper table on Wednesday nights. Back when fall sports were still going on, the girls would be done with their practices around 5. In order for us to take all these kids to 180 (Wed. night church), we would need to leave no later than 5:45 to get everyone. Well, that just doesn't leave much time for getting home, cleaning up and eating. So I told the girls they all just had to come over here after practice and I would feed them supper then we'd go to church. So they do! Our table gets very full. During our meal, we go around and share highs and lows and even make the others do it. Three girls, at different times, have all said that being here was their high for the day!!! That makes my heart very full!

I snapped some pictures this week to show you. One of our usuals, Sara, wasn't there, but we had two stand-ins: Ariana and Chiara!

Here we see Kathryn (who loves broccoli usually except mine was a little too lemony for her this time but she's also learned to eat lots of different things at my house :)), Audrey (who appears to be either stabbing herself with her fork, on her way to feeding Chiara a bite of chicken, or snitching the pine nuts off of Chiara's plate), Chiara (who liked my chicken and could probably use a booster), and V (who always likes a full table).

Center is Bill (who had to drive a second vehicle because there weren't enough seats in the suburban for everyone!).

Next is Luke (who is mr. pokey puppy himself), Ariana (who's high for the day was going to play at a friend's the next day and who's low was that her sister hit her in the morning and that made her very sad :( ), and Ben (who'd rather his mom didn't take pictures of him).

Okay, there's me, too. 

In case you're wondering, supper that night was parmesan chicken strips and broccoli and bow-tie pasta salad (with pine nuts) and dessert was candy ('cause we're still trying to get rid of it all!)


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