Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treat

Here's our Halloween/Candy Fest weekend.

Beginning of the month(ish) I determine I will not wait until last minute to decide on costumes for the kids. Luke wants to be a dog, so that's decided. Ben doesn't care, so I search and find a lego block idea that is cheap and easy.

Middle of the month(ish) we visit Grandma and Grandpa and Grandpa wonders aloud if Ben will be a motorcyclist. Ben agrees that this is the best idea. I scrap Lego block idea (even though we had already cut out the cardboard box and found the other parts- whatever, I'm just the mom here)

Wednesday I head to Goodwill to find a pair of brown pants for Luke's doggy costume and run into my friend, Kate, who loans me the ears, tail and paws. I also search all other thrift stores  for any other costume accessories.

Thursday I dress Luke up for preschool in his doggy costume, complete with brown eyeliner drawn nose. Luke catches a glimpse of his nose in the mirror and refuses to have it on. By the end of the class picture session, it's all off: ears, paws, tail, nose.
After supper, we discuss Friday night plans. Audrey is baby-sitting. V is going to a party. Bill is at the shop. And they boys and I will head to Ames to trick-or-treat with Ariana and Chiara. We compare Halloween notes with V. We have a 2 hour time frame. Rosebud does not. The latest she's ever stayed out on Halloween was 3:30 am!!! Each party is in shock!  Also, not sharing and eating all of your candy, as much as you want is okay. The longest her candy has lasted has been two days. Again, each party is in shock. Not having any spending money leftover, but still expecting a $40 costume is normal. Only one party is in shock. :)

Friday afternoon I send Audrey and V down to the dress-up box to see what they can come up with for the party. This is what V pulled together along with a black graduation robe. It was very creative of her and she was immensely proud of it, more so than if she had an expensive costume. 

Friday night the boys and I head up to Ames. Luke is very nervous about trick-or-treating. He's never done it before. He says he doesn't know how and someone has to teach him. Ben tells him that all he needs are his feet and his mouth! We arrive at Aunt Beth's house and Luke refuses to wear the paws and let me draw a doggy nose on him. Oh well. Ariana is Tinker Bell and Chiara is a fairy. Ariana leads the procession, stopping at neighbors. Pretty soon Luke gets the idea and he's all for it!! After each house, he takes off down the sidewalk. Ariana, however, thinks he should stay with us and yells to Luke, "S-O-T-P!! Stop!!" Ben, in Ben fashion, turns to Ariana and says, "It's S-T-O-P." Meanwhile, little pink fairy, doesn't exactly have any magic in her wings to hurry her little fairy butt down the sidewalk. But she does have nice tennis shoes to make noise in as she clomps her way from house to house.
We're done finally. Pizza and playing at Aunt Beth's and then back home. Boys in bed. V comes home after party and is sad because some girls were mean to her (they were mean but she's okay). Audrey returns from sitting. Phew!

Sunday evening I plan a good meal, hoping to fill bellies before the deluge of sugar. Audrey is, um, something. Luke is the poky little puppy for certain and is the last one dressed. Bill takes Ben out for a while, then Ben heads off with a friend. Audrey and V were off like a shot once we opened the door. Luke would not wear the ears, tail or paws. He wore his brown pants and brown shirt and a North Shore ball cap. Fine. Bill takes him out to collect some candy. They are out forever. I get a text later from my friend, Angie, and she says Luke stopped by. He was currently a puppy race car and he told a joke, sang his preschool smile song and another song, then used her potty. Apparently, the reason they were out so long was because Luke was chatting it up with everyone he met! (That would be Luke, for you.) Then the stash begins pouring in, 4 kids, 4 piles of loot. 4 happy kids! 

Wow! We can not have Halloween again, at least for another year!

Here's some bests from the week.
*At a party earlier in the week, Chiara says her wings are cold. 
*Best costume: a Rubiks cube- square cardboard box with construction paper cubes
*Best joke: Why did the aliens find bones on the moon? Answer- Cow didn't make it.
*Luke's joke to Angie: Knock, Knock. Who's there? Sherwood. Sherwood who? Sherwood like it if you opened the door and gave me some candy!


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