Friday, November 26, 2010

Small Business Saturday

The UPS delivery guy dropped off my camera the other day and mentioned that we'd probably be seeing a lot of each other in the coming weeks. I said, "Um, er, yeah, probably." and then I had Bill beat him up. Just kidding. In fact, I like our delivery guy and wish there was a way to thank him without it being weird and without Bill actually having to beat him up. :)

That being said, I hear it is going to be Small Business Saturday the day after Black Friday. (I know, Saturday following Friday!) I wanted to let you know about four of my favorite small businesses. None of them have asked me to do this, I just love their stuff. 

First off is Krissy's Confections. I first tried Krissy's caramels one night when I was giving her daughter a ride to church. She handed me one, saying her mom had made it. It was the most delicious caramel I had ever had in my whole entire life!!! Not too gooey, not too hard, but just right. And the flavor? Oh. Oh! OH! Haunting! Haunting, I tell you! I have never forgotten that one sweet morsel of delight. 
I have also had her pumpkin pie, which Bill declared was the best pumpkin pie he'd ever had and she made my piano recital cake, as well. 
Her baked goods are available for local folks and if you want the best pie ever and don't want to mess with crust and all that, give her a call. Her caramels, however, are available for shipping anywhere. And that, my friends, is very good news.

Second is Jenuinely Pure. The website is currently being re-done but if you go there still, you will contact information to still get her products. The products are all natural that are handmade and they are GOOD! I'm currently addicted to the body cream. And the lime lip balm. And the grapefruit scrub. And I like the eye make-up remover. And the cinnamon oatmeal soap. I could go on. I did go on! She's added more products that I haven't been able to try yet but both Audrey and I love everything we've used.
I'll do a little product review on two items you might not consider- and these are just from my point of view.
The household cleanser. I like it. Combined with baking soda as a scrubbing agent, it always gets the soapscum off my tubs and showers. I have bottles of it in all the bathrooms and I love the fact that the kids can help clean without fear of harsh chemicals. There is no  chemical smell when you are done either (I always get it clover scented). I don't use it on my mirrors and windows or on my wood floors, but that's my own personal preference.
The soap nuts. Weirdest thing ever. I bought a small bag, threw the recommended amount into the wash and sat there feeling like I had just been duped. No lie! It took me a while to get over feeling like I had to add more things to the wash. The truth is, you really don't. I'd recommend the soap nuts for everyday dirty wash. However, when the boys return from riding their mudbikes, I mean, motorcycles, I go for something stronger. You may find it clears all things out of your wash. Also, I like the fact that the girls can do their laundry with ease and there is no measuring, spilling, excess pouring. 

Third is Mom's Soy Candles. These candles smell great! And they are jarred in just the cutest jars. She doesn't have any pictures up on her site (she is one busy lady!), but the smallest jar is squarish with a round, silver metal lid, a bit of rustic thread and a small metal bugle bead wrapped around the neck of it. So stylish! But let's get to scents. I think last year my favorite was Amaretto Nog but there are plenty to choose from. Hazelnut Coffee or Caramel Pralines. (okay, now I'm hungry and thirsty) If you like candles, then you must try these. You can even have her fill your own jars instead of using her jars!

Last is a bit odd for small business promos but I can't help that I love bbq. And I can't help that now I'm broke because a bbq place opened up in town. Good brisket with two sides and a corn muffin? Yes, please!! Oh, the place... b fabulous bbq! Yep, they're in Huxley, in our little grocery store, in the back. This is the best food in town! It's all homemade and it is oh, so good. You can stop in for lunch, pick up supper or have them cater something for you. How to give bbq as a gift? I'm thinking gift cards, but I don't know if they do that yet. They are brand new and if they don't do that yet, I bet they'll be willing to work something out with you. I've already mentioned the brisket. I love brisket. I also love ribs. And their's are soo good! So is the coleslaw and I'm not a fan of coleslaw. I'm a fan of bbq baked beans and potato salad and corn muffins and probably everything else they offer ('cause I really haven't tried it all yet). 

Well, that's all I've got for now. Like I said, no one asked me to do this. I just really like all of these people and their products and I wanted to get the word out. 


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