Monday, November 15, 2010

Whatcha Doin' in a Couple of Weeks?

So, are you busy in the evening, say around December 7 or so? Got any big plans? 
You don't know? You haven't thought that far ahead? 
Well, start thinkin'! And start planning to attend Discovering David Dansville
It is this year's Christmas production at our church. 
It will be well worth your time. Well worth it! 

As a bonus, you will get to see Audrey make her debut on stage, too. Extras will include seeing costumes sewn, knitted and gathered by my sister, sister-in-law and mother. The sound will be extraordinary courtesy of my brother. And maybe some more family help.

But don't go to see that. Go to hear the story. Find out exactly who is David Dansville!

If you do want to go, let me know, so leave a comment.

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  1. We definitely want to go! Sorry I haven't had a chance to call you back. Plan to pick up tickets for us for whichever performance you feel like - Friday night or Saturday.


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