Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boys and Bikes

Just so you’re clear, this isn’t going to be the last on motorcycles. In fact, the snow is but a breath away and here’s what my garage looks like. Notice anything?


Let me help you… no car.

It won’t be back in there until next winter when I threaten 3 boys that I must be able to park in the garage or I’ll haul every motor, tire, fuel can, wrench and so forth out to the curb with a free for hauling sign.

Tire Work

Bill is changing something with a tire because he told me he didn’t pinch the tube.  Oh, it’s a tire for Ben’s bike. That’s all I’ve got, guys. (Are there any guys reading this? I mean, besides Bill? Thanks, honey.)

Muddy Bike

And this is not the last of the mud. Bill went riding last weekend. The snow might be gone, but the mud. Oh, the mud. Bill doesn’t care- het got to go riding in February!


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