Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Know

“Wow, and it seemed like things were kind of looking up for you guys.”

That and other similar statements have been expressed in the last couple of weeks as Bill and I share with others that Victoria is no longer living with us, but it back in South Dakota.

We know, it was surprising to us, too. This was not at all what we expected would happen this semester and especially not so soon into the semester.

We drove her back home a couple of weeks ago. I’m just telling you about it now because we are starting to get back on our feet after dealing with her so intensely. I couldn’t write about it until now because I was lost for words. I may still be.

The exchange program works two ways. One, a family is willing to provide, care for and build a relationship with a student in purpose to give hope- earthly and eternally. Two, a student comes under the agreement that they are here to be a part of a family and a part of a school.

Yes, that leaves a whole lot of room for how that will play out for each family and each student. But, very simply put, no matter the family or the student, if one party is unable or unwilling to do their part, it doesn’t work. Sheesh! Sounds so legal, so general.

What our situation came down to is that Victoria reached a point where her part wasn’t working out. Believe me, we did everything in our knowledge and power to help her want to change that. But she wouldn’t.

This is sounding so harsh, like we just kicked her out, but we didn’t. I’m just working through trying to explain to you.

I had such a hard time grasping it as we sorted and struggled through every issue with her. Bill summed it up by pointing that it came down to two factors- heart and actions. If there is heart, but bad actions, one could work with the bad actions. If there is good decisions, but no heart, one could also work with that. But when there is neither heart to work or change and there is no good actions, then there is nothing you can do.

Our time with her now is over. We don’t know what the future holds for her. We know that the Light has been brought to the eyes of her heart and she has gotten to experience being surrounded by those who live in the Light. We know that life on the Rez is very dark, but it is not too dark that the Light cannot pierce through. We know: In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. John 1:4


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