Saturday, February 19, 2011

You Can Help Right Now- part 3

Matthew 6 warns us that when we give, do not give to show off. When we give, do it in secrecy, for our Father will see.

I am not writing this to show off what we did. I am not telling you about this to have you praise us. I’m writing this to help be an example to you. If you praise anyone, praise our Father, who has given us all things in the first place. That, if you have relationship with Him, he will help you to desire and to do His will.

Moved by the story of the refugees and their needs, I realized that this was an good hands-on family serving time. So with the early dismissal of school on Wednesday, I gathered the kids together, briefly explained the situation and said we were going to do what we could. I was met with a bit of resistance. Why did we have to give up our stuff? What’s a refugee? Why can’t they just spend their own money that the government has given them? WHY do my kids complain and fight me when this is a good thing and is what He asks us to do if we say we love Him?!!!! (this is a good example of how not perfect, not holy we are!) sigh.

But I determined I was still going to do it, even if no one was on board. We had extra things that we could give. I started going through each room, with the list in mind, and pulling stuff out. I had help sacking stuff up. But I also had more concerns. What if we run out of toilet paper or soap? Answer: We’ll just go to the store and get more. We have the money to do that. They don’t have ANYTHING. It still did not really go anywhere.

I waivered a bit by the next day as I hadn’t been able to drop the stuff off yet. Maybe I shouldn’t. The kids will just fight me on it. But no, if I want my kids to someday have generous, servant hearts, then they’ve at least got to see me do it. Besides I already had most of the stuff piled together and it was just a matter of getting to the drop-off. What a difference a day can make.

I had pulled an unused sleeping bag out to give away. Luke noticed and was upset that it was going. I reminded him that he already had one and if we could give it to someone else who didn’t have one at all. “Yeah!”, he cheered. “I want to give it to a boy!” Then he went into his room and came back out with a Lightening McQueen car and said he wanted to give it to them. I told him that this was making God so happy and that God tells us that He loves a generous giver! WooHoo! Well, Ben picked up on this and down he went to retrieve a few items, also! He was spurred on by Luke’s actions! (Audrey gave some stuff away, too.)

These are small efforts, small sacrifices, small tangible things my kids can grasp and do. I hope they will have a cumulative effect over time as they grown in relationship with God. Luke gave up two things which he loves a lot- a Lightening McQueen car and a hot wheels car! He was saw from his little perspective just how much he had. He was overwhelmed by how wonderful it is to love God back.

Now here again is the problem I wrestled with at the beginning. Am I boasting about our good works for all men to see (via this blog?) or have I spurred you on by our example? My purpose is the latter. I felt God’s leading for us to do this. I was being obedient. I wanted to share this with you to “spur you on towards love and good deeds.” It is to His name and His glory that all praise should go!  

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  1. Awesome story Mindy! JJ was in a similar boat a few weeks ago regarding tithing his saved up money. He was bound and determined not to tithe and cried and cried holding tightly to his piggy bank. After a long talk and some prayer I saw God eventually chip away at his heart, and by the end of the night he handed me an envelope with his tithe in it, and he was actually excited! To us they seem like such small sacrifices....but to Luke (and JJ) it's surely a HUGE thing for them to start to grasp. Thank you again for the donations....they are going to be used for something so great!


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