Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taking Care of Some Energy

The other day I had the cousins for a short while and it was starting to get chaotic inside. You know how it goes: the boys pick on the girls, the girls run to their room and scream “go away!”, then the girls tease the boys, boys love a good teasing and before you know it someone is crying, yelling, fighting, etc.

School was dismissed early because of the impending blizzard like weather but it wasn’t that bad out yet. So I devised that I could get the kids outside for just a short bit to divert some energy. I told the girls this plan: They have to come up with 3 treasures for the boys to find and they had to figure out where to hide them outside. The girls were delighted to be in the scheme. They came up with 3 Powerade bottles, got dressed, and went out to hide them. Only occasionally did they scream at the boys to stop peeking. Of course, the boys had no idea what was going on so this just made them more curious.


The girls come in, tell the boys about the treasure and you have never seen 3 boys get dressed so fast! They found 2 of the 3 bottles, then I went out and helped find the last one (which was buried not buried next to the dog house- the girls delighted in the fact that they tricked the boys on this one).


Athan wanted to go “ou-side” like the others. Luke wanted to stay inside. 



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