Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, 2011

Certainly not the most creative title but what else can be said for another Halloween in the books?

Every year the whole thing seems to get easier. I think several factors contribute to that end.

  1. I found Audrey’s wig and Luke’s costume back in August, so they were taken care of a long time ago.
  2. I told both Audrey and Luke they weren’t allowed to wear or play with their costumes until Halloween so that they didn’t become ruined or lost. Mean mom? Maybe. Peace at Halloween? Definitely.
  3. Audrey is so much more about freedom of creativity. Just give her a good costume trunk and make-up.
  4. Luke is all about Lightening McQueen and socializing. He knows the friends’ houses he wants to go to and he loves chatting it up on the way there.
  5. Ben dressed as a motorcyclist. I spent nothing on his costume, he knew exactly where it was, he loves wearing it, it’s his idea of dressing up at this point and he said the helmet kept his ears warm. I’m pretty much planning on that costume for the rest of his dress up years.
  6. Taking the kids out gets easier the older they get. Bill just slips on a jacket and follows Luke around. No more strollers, wagons, costumed munchkins tripping on the sidewalk/steps/grass/their own costume.
  7. I insist on staying home. Smile 

Halloween FriendsPit Crew MemberMystery AudreyHurry Up

Our block is becoming quite popular for trick-or-treating. We have great neighbors with just the right amount of kids. It was so much fun to sit out on the front step and watch everyone enjoy the evening. I always love to make mental notes of favorites from the night.

I had two favorite costumes. One was a girl dressed as the Progressive lady “Flo” from the commercials. Another was a brother/sister pair dressed as grandpa and grandma. Grandma had foam rollers in her hair that really were from grandma. Grandpa had a cane walker outfitted with a roll of toilet paper and a rearview mirror (like a bicycle)! Hah! I gave them all extra candy.

A fairy came up to the door in her jacket and explained to Bill that her wings were broken. Bill commented that she must be just flying around in circles then. She looked at him and exclaimed, “I’m not a real fairy!” Then, as she walked off she said something about how she’s not going to church. Not sure what that was about so we decided to leave that up to the fairy parents.

A little pirate, no older than four I’m guessing, spied the biggest treasure of all in our garage- motorcycles! He came up and was sort of saying something as he got some candy. The grandma (I think) informed me of what he was saying so I took him over to the garage and turned on the light so he could see all the motorcycles. Wowee!! That little pirate would have traded all the candy in the world for a motorcycle!!

Now I knew from reading my sister’s Facebook status, that she was dressing Valor up. I knew what he was going to be and I knew since my mom helped out with the costume that he’d be all right, but I had to see him to make sure. Are you ready?

Captain America!!!!!

Captain America and His Mom

oh. my. GOODNESS!!!

And the girls? Superwoman and Wonderwoman!


So here’s the mighty trio together…


Here’s one of them revealing his secret power…

Super Power

Here’s a future riding team… (Captain America rides a motorcycle complete with removable shield, you know!)

Future Riding Partners

Here’s a superhero being smothered by kisses…

Kissing a Superhero

Here’s too much trick-or-treating… (very blurry, so sorry)

Too Much Trick or Treat

Here’s ending the night with Super hugs!


We didn’t see the other four but heard they were an Eskimo, Indiana Jones, Mario and Luigi. Perfect!


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