Friday, November 11, 2011

Turn Around and Refresh

So I just did something I’ve never done before.

Day 5- Refresh someone

I’ve been doing all five days now of The Happy Day Project as you’ve been reading. All of them have been to either people I know or to complete strangers that I’ll never know or the chances are so slim that I would meet them and the dots be connected. I have had experiences where they are either face to face or stranger anonymity.

Today I met a stranger.

Today I offered water some construction workers. I had to pull over, park my car, muster my courage (I prayed a little prayer that they wouldn’t repay good with evil and bury me in the hole they were working in.) and get out to offer face to face bottled water.

Some took a bottle, others declined. One guy was heating a pipe with a big flame and refused. I didn’t try to convince him. I walked away, smiling and laughing because that’s a pretty crazy thing to do and we all recognized it.

I got out of my car=I got out of my comfort zone

If your idea of comfort zone means a car and a latte, I’m with ya. I was actually on my way to get a latte for a friend to refresh them when I drove past these guys. I recognized that I was to refresh them instead and I turned around and headed home to get some water for them. And now here we are.

Maybe you need to refresh someone and maybe you need to pray to have eyes to see who it is and maybe you should get some bottled water in the car so you don’t have to turn around.

I’d love to hear if any of you have done any of The Happy Day Projects. Leave a comment or email me.

p.s.- I didn’t use that cute printable on them. I’ll save those for another day. Smile


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