Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Note and An Article

Among my list of things I hope to get done today, like change the last clock- you know, the one above the sink that you must climb onto the actual counter, straddling the dishes piled beneath- is to take part in The Happy Day Project.

Day 2- a handwritten note.

Let’s face it. Even in this day of emails, texts, Facebook comments and messages, we still eagerly rifle through the mail, hoping for a letter with our name on it (that doesn’t require sending any money or putting our children’s inheritance at risk with “low” percentage rates). I know I do. I don’t hold my breath anymore while looking but I still do.

I’m sure you know at least one person who could use a happy note. Come to think of it, my list is growing by the second!

The person I plan to write to has just adopted and she could use all the encouragement she can get to remind her that she is not alone.

All around me there are families adopting, families fostering, families hosting and my heart unites with these families as they set their course to do a very hard thing. Thanks to a link from some friends in the adoption process, I’ve found a very good blog post about how to help these families, especially after the airport . Written by adoptive mom, Jen Hatmaker, it is filled with humor, wit and wisdom. The article is How to Be the Village and you need to go read it. RIGHT NOW!!

Are you back from reading? Good, I’m glad. Now, how many notes are you gonna write today?

p.s. I really love Jen’s blog. She is very real. She’s got the truth and the humor to go with the life God has given her. I wouldn’t stop at just one post of her’s- keep reading. You’ll be glad you did.


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