Saturday, November 26, 2011

Still Thankful

It’s two days after Thanksgiving. My kids are all tucked in bed as the night wind howls around the house. I’ve been cruising the web: Pinterest, Facebook, Google Reader, etc. It’s getting on late and I should be going to bed. Tomorrow is an unknown known day. But I’m not going yet. I’m going to list out the things I’m thankful for from just today. Why? Because being thankful should happen in the middle of things but even if it doesn’t, it should still happen. I haven’t planned out this list; I’m just thinking back from the very beginning of my start of my day and listing as many things as I can.

  1. a warm bed
  2. waking up with a strong husband
  3. not waking up to a knock on the door
  4. two heads popping up from the couch
  5. help cracking eggs
  6. cleaning up messes
  7. cheers for french toast
  8. a garden hose conversation
  9. a listening friend
  10. remembering to give thanks in the middle
  11. remembering if it is from Him, He will make it happen- trust
  12. leftovers that aren’t loved but are not wasted
  13. Beethoven’s Op. 14 No. 2 and Moonlight Sonata falling under the fingers
  14. hooking up the computer to the tv to watch the game without a phone call for help
  15. changing the vacuum hose by myself
  16. jamming to U2 in the van
  17. cleaning an apartment
  18. complaining turning to compliance
  19. Perfect Games
  20. good conversations in the car
  21. homemade cookies
  22. Michael Buble Christmas music
  23. homemade pizza
  24. football games
  25. buttons on school crafts
  26. liquid applique
  27. mod podge
  28. glue guns
  29. heat embossing
  30. bedtime

Why do I do this? Because I have to practice. I have to learn. “I have learned the secret to be content.”, Paul says in Philippians.

This all started with the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I’d encourage you to read it or, at least, to visit her blog, A Holy Experience and read. It is well worth your time.  There are several things you can even download and print for your own times of thanksgiving. Finally, start your own 1,000 gifts journey by adding the free app or just a pencil and notebook (free printable for that, also).


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  1. Are you keeping a 1000 gifts journal? I want to, but I haven't made it happen.
    I liked reading your list.


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