Saturday, April 3, 2010

132 Memories

When my sister, brother and I were little, we would go to my Grandma's house on Good Friday and dye eggs for Easter. Grandma usually had maybe two dozen for us three to share. Fast forward a bunch of years and now all of us are grown up, married and have 11 kids. My grandma is now Great-Grandma and Mom is Grandma. And this Grandma is not going to let tradition die.
Grandma and Great-Grandma make a visit to the grandkids bringing with them a dozen eggs for each grandkid to color. A dozen eggs! 11 grandkids! It borders on slightly insane. It makes great memories! We prep all the egg cups and the smell of vinegar lingers in the air. We ready the paper towels since the average age of 11 grandkids is 7 and then let the fun begin.
You cannot sit idly by; you have to be on your toes with this gang. It takes at least 3 adults: 1 for the girls: to get them stickers, crayons, markers and whatever their creative hearts desire. 1 for the older boys: to just manage them. This year they were much more patient than in the past. Eggs are serious business.
1-2 for the little ones: well, you'll see.
Chiara just wanted to keep adding more and more eggs to the cup and Alex had her hands full trying to keep up with Chiara. Also, Chiara dyed her dress a few times too. Luke colored all his eggs either red or blue (Lightning McQueen colors and won the race of who was done the fastest around the egg carton).
Athan was so proud just to be able to pick up the egg with the little wire holder.
None for the senior: we hope she can handle eggs by herself at this point.

Danny had to work so he wasn't there.
There was only one real egg casualty, the rest made it through the process fine.
Thanks Grandma for the eggs and the memories! We all had a great time!


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