Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Family That...

eats together… For lunch on Easter day I ended up going a little overboard for just the five of us. We had glazed ham, creamy rosemary potatoes, roasted asparagus, rosemary rolls and deviled eggs. *groan*. It was delicious. The ham almost overcame Audrey as she worked to cut it, (It’s ham, dear) but in the end she was victorious and ended up singing a sonnet to ham. It goes like this, “Yummy, juicy ham.” Repeat. Ben was a little uncertain of the creamy rosemary potatoes and asked Audrey if they were good. “Like better than spaghetti?” Yes, they were, although Ben didn’t agree with that verdict. Luke was flustered by his ham touching his potatoes. “I want to eat this (the ham) but that (the potatoes) won’t let me!” But really the happiest person was Bill. He groaned with enjoyment and only wished his plate was really the size of a platter.

rides motorbikes together…Despite needing a nap in the worst way after our meal, we ended up loading the motorbikes up and heading over the ATV park in Cambridge for some riding. Bill just recently joined the club so that we have a place to ride. The weather was nice and the park wasn’t too busy. We only have three bikes so Luke and I unfolded the lawn chairs and enjoyed watching the others. Ben was a little cautious at first since the track was new and there were other riders. Plus, there are mounds where you can jump, so he was carefully learning the lay of the land. By the end, though he wasn’t completely jumping, he was definitely going faster and tried a couple of double jumps. This was Audrey’s second time on her motorbike, so she was extra cautious. I thought she would never make it much past neutral and Bill was hoping that by the end of the day she would be willing to go around the entire kid track (jump thingies and all). She proved us wrong. At the end of the day she was going over all the mounds on the adult course! Way to go, Audrey! Bill got a chance to ride and do his thing and explore most of the club area so he had a great time. He popped a wheelie at one point and that thrilled Luke. Luke was a little anxious watching his dad fly over the big jumps, but seeing Bill go fast and go on one wheel was awesome! As for Luke, he isn’t big enough to ride Ben’s bike, especially without training wheels, which we don’t have, so he was on the sidelines the entire time. I thought he might get stir-crazy, but he just kept cheering on Ben and Audrey as they made their way around the course. Everything is a race to him. I also let him have reign of the camera for a while and he had lots of fun taking pictures of everything. I didn’t stay on the sidelines the entire time. Audrey’s bike almost fits me, so I got my instructions from Bill and was off. It was a lot of fun!

hunts eggs together…After all that, what could be more exciting than hunting for eggs. Bill and I hid them when we got back and then the kids raced outside to find them. They found all of them and enjoyed the candy and money hidden inside.

...builds memories together. This day of Easter was a wonderful time for us. Our schedules are about to fill up again and days like this won’t happen for a while. I love my family!


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