Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Favorite Baby Gift

Probably my all time favorite gift I received when I was expecting Audrey was rubber stamped onesies created by all my friends at my baby shower. My sister came up with the idea and we had such a good time making them.

Now my all time favorite gift to give is stamped onesies. Even though I kept the stained ridden stamped onesies after Audrey outgrew them and passed them down to Ben and Luke, a momma can never have too many onesies. And a fresh set for the new baby is always nice.

I made these two sets up in the past couple of months for friends of mine. One with a baby girl and one with a baby boy, although I have a couple more sets done for more babies. It is a lot of fun picking out the right stamp sets for each baby.

Here’s how you do it:

Buy some new onesies and wash and dry them. I like Gerber because I think they hold up well. I usually get 3-6 or 6-9 months because babies can grow so fast that the newborn size is gone too quickly. Plus, it’s fun knowing you have some special clothes tucked away for later when junior has sprouted some.

Cut a piece of sturdy but thin cardboard (think cereal box) to fit inside the onesie. Now you have a solid surface backing the fabric and also the ink won’t bleed through.

Stamp or draw, etc. on the material with fabric or pigment based inks. Just read the packaging of the product. If it says you can use it on fabric, it’s probably fine. My ink comes from Stampin’ Up! and is the craft ink. Let your creative side go wild. My only recommendation is that sometimes really bold designs show through baby’s clothes, so I usually don’t cover the entire onesie.

Remove the cardboard and iron the onesie to set the ink. This is the only time I iron baby clothes or anything for that matter! (ok- a few times when wrinkles just weren’t called for) You don’t want all your hard work washing away. Even if the ink packaging says you don’t have to, this just ensures it won’t wash out or fade too quickly.

That’s it! Package up with some sweet ribbon and give to your favorite new momma!


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