Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Picture Art Show

Last night our family went to the Cornerstone Art Show. We were able view artwork of all kinds submitted by people of our church. It is amazing how God has gifted people and we really enjoyed what we saw.
Audrey enjoyed it as well, but she was a bit upset that I never let her enter her picture for the show. What picture? This picture... of spaghetti. I was thinking, "Who wants to see spaghetti?" But a friend of mine's mother commented that spaghetti can be very graphic, so then I felt bad that I didn't give Audrey's picture a chance.
So here it is. This is what Audrey has to say about her photograph: "I wanted to take a picture of something and I liked the way the spaghetti looked being just dished onto the plate. Not arranged. I thought it looked cool and texturey. I also like the pot in the background."
Feel free to leave you comments to encourage Audrey in her photographic endeavors.
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  1. I love your picture Audrey, actually your description of it. I really like when people see the details in everyday life. Unlike myself who just sees a plate of spaghetti. Keep taking pictures. You never know the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you can capture on film.

  2. Audrey I like your spaghetti photo. I put the photo you took of me and my truck (with Luke & Mia) in my blog.


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