Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Took a Picture of My Feet

I took a picture of my feet today.
I felt it was silly in a way.
But I had to show you my new shoes.
The yellow and gray really pops the blues.
These are Vibrum Five Fingers, just so you know.
There is a spot for each little toe.

I bought them because I read this book.
My husband planted it so I would get hooked.
I'm wearing them running when I go outside.
My neighbors see me and want to hide.
They think I've gone crazy, gone mad.
All except one; they don't make his size and he's sad.

My calf muscles are achy and sore.
I can live with that 'cause I want to do more.
Don't believe me, not a word that I say?
Go barefoot in the grass while you play.
You'll see that the motion is nearly the same.
Your foot flexes properly; you won't go lame.

Six lines per stanza is a lot to write.
To look at my feet is quite a sight.
Just imagine how fast my shoes can run.
Daytime, nighttime, in dark and sun.
But here's all I really wanted to say.
I took a picture of my feet today.


  1. I've read this outloud twice today. It gave my family a chuckle. It also sort of made me want to read "The Cat and The Hat" since the sun did not shine, and it was too wet to play.

  2. Beautiful - your feet and your poem (and you!!).


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