Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Morning Glory Bakery

This is apparently friend’s businesses plug week here because next up we have Dave and Laurie with Morning Glory Bakery.

MGBakery Exterior

Here’s how I know Dave and Laurie: We all were freshmen at Iowa State together. Laurie and I lived in the same dorm, though different floors and via her and her sister I got hooked up with The Salt Company, a college-student ministry. Dave and I took an awful History class together our freshman year. Then the next year we watched a family’s kids so they could go to small group. Dave was also Bill’s roommate that year.

That’s enough reminiscing for now. Let’s get on to the tasty stuff!

What’s in the cases?

MGBakery Interior

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MGBakery case 2MGBakery case 1


We came, we saw, we tried, we liked, we bought more!

MGBakery AudreyMGBakery BenMGBakery Luke

Then Laurie gave us a tour of where the chaos magic happens.

It’s a typical kitchen with 3 ovens, 2 side by side fridges, 2 side by side freezers, baking pans galore, mixing bowls, cooling racks on wheels, and shelves holding all types of sugars, etc. You know, just what you and I have. Or not.

They have named all their equipment.

 MGBakery WandaMGBakery Lola

Are you thinking, “Okay, Laurie, time to step out and breathe the non-floured air.”? Well, that may be true but the real reason is because if she said the 400 individual cheesecakes are in the fridge the next question would be “Which fridge?” Now she can just say they are in Wanda and everyone knows which one to go to. Brilliant! Husband, Dave, plans to make more official nameplates for all of them, but he’s been a tad busy.

MGBakery kitchen

I was going to take a picture of Laurie more up close but she asked me not to. It’s not because she’s not camera shy (you should see pics from our college years) but more because she only had 4 hours of sleep the night before. The life of owning your own business, make that a food business and a bakery, no less, isn’t what you call glamorous and easy street. No matter what time you go to bed pretty soon it’s time to make the donuts! But Dave and Laurie are making it with smiles on their faces.

How can you help out? How does visiting them and eating a yummy treat sound? I know, helping a friend can be so trying at times!!!

I know we will be back. As I write this both Audrey and Ben are peeking over my shoulder drooling for more.

Here’s the link to get you started: Morning Glory Facebook page

Here’s their street address: 209 N. 13th Street, Marshalltown, IA 50158

Yeah for Dave and Laurie! Yeah for Morning Glory Bakery! Yeah for us!!

I must make mention that Laurie has been doing Morning Glory Bakery out of her home for over the past 2 years. Just now have they opened a storefront. It has been open only 2 weeks.

Morning Glory Bakery is located in Marshalltown, IA. There is other great stuff in M-town, but the best thing is the bakery!



  1. Are you kidding me? I have been working in this town for almost 6 years now....and I haven't been there yet? What? Thanks for sharing. I WILL be going there. I don't normally go to the part of town it's located. But for sweet food, I will make an exception. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thanks for clarifying my confusion. :)

  3. @Farmgirl Chaos Hey, anytime I can clarify confusion with a cupcake, I'll do it!


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