Monday, July 18, 2011

Jenuinely Pure

I have mentioned these products before but there’s a good chance you may have forgotten about them. Or skipped over that day’s blog post because you were still bargain shopping or recovering from your early morning mall beat. Whatever.

Now’s the time to pick up the slack.

Jenny is my neighbor and my friend. I have been various products of hers over the last couple of years and I love them. Yes, they’re organic and if you do the organic thing, you’ll love them. If you don’t do the organic thing, that’s fine too. You’ll still love them.

She’s been a busy bee this past year adding new products (a baby line and a face line), getting new labels, etc. and most importantly, launching her new Jenuinely Pure website. To celebrate she’s offering a 15% discount if you use the coupon code GRANDOPENING during checkout. (No, you can’t use the word GRANDOPENING in sentence out loud. You have to type it in the coupon code box!!) This code will only work from July 15-22.

Image 1 The body cream is my favorite. There, I picked one. It’s hard to choose. I like how it makes my skin feel, how it smells (no over-powering frangrance) and even how helps Luke’s dry, dry skin during winter. I shared with Jenny that I used this during our vacation and hardly got a mosquito bite and wondered to her about the mosquito-repelling factor. Jenny said she didn’t know about that. I’ll take it, though.


Image 1In the face department, I’ve been using the facial scrub the longest and that’s why I picked it to share with you. It’s a salt scrub, so you do have to be careful (ow, ow- salt in my eyes!- not good) but it really leaves your face with a nice, healthy, moisturized feeling, not over-scrubbed.

Image 1For home care, we have the hand soap in all the bathrooms now. It’s gentle and it gets the job done without harshness or extra smell. Also in all the bathrooms in a spray bottle of the all- purpose cleanser along with a shaker of baking soda. Cleaning is easy and chemical- free.

Image 1Since the entire baby line is new, I haven’t tried anything. But I’m going to once Beth’s baby gets here!!! I’ve never known how or what to use baby oil on a baby for, so I’m going for the wash and cream first. I just know baby and I will love it!

Okay, so are you excited to try these out? I want to hear what you get, so leave me a comment telling me. And don’t forget to enter the coupon code GRANDOPENING for 15% off!!


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