Saturday, July 16, 2011

S is for Stay

We were able to rent the Horizon House on Lake Superior, near Lutsen for our entire stay. It’s a wonderful and generous sized two bedroom house.

This is the main room.


View from the window seats


Though the house was directly on the lake, it was a 40 foot drop to the shore. That’s the corner of the house. We took a neighboring property’s trail to get down to the shore.


The weather while we were there was much cooler the first few days. That’s why you see us wearing jeans and sweatshirts in the first few days and shorts and t-shirts the last few days. Part of it has to do with the lake effect where just off the shore it is much cooler from the breezes. If you drove away from the lake even just a few miles, the weather changed. But mostly this time around, that just how God made the days. While you in Iowa were sweating away in sauna-like humidity, we were bundling up with extra layers.

And that wraps up our vacation. We had a wonderful time. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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