Thursday, July 28, 2011

Asikuma Fundraiser


I’ve got this friend, Janel. I’m just going to cut to the quick… her faith is inspiring. Oh, she would say it’s not her but God working in her. She’s right. And she along with her husband, Jake, are shouting out loud from the rooftops how great is our God!!

Here you see a screen capture of her blog. It’s from April of this year and was written very shortly after returning from Ghana. It outlines the projects they are helping to head up. You’ll have to go there to read all about it.


Even if you didn’t take the time to go and read the whole thing just now, I want to highlight a very important part, thaaaat you may have missed.

This. Read it. Please. Smile


Now normally I’m not a numbers person but even I can figure this part out.

$25,000 by July 31. Like in a couple of days.

And they only have raised how much? $3,815.


I don’t know what will happen if they don’t get the money by July 31. I do know Jake and Janel have faith that their God will provide. And I know that in all the blog posts and even Facebook status updates, etc. Janel has never come right out and asked for direct money donations. She’s asked for pillow case dresses, tennis shoes, and other things but never money.

Well, I’m going to ask for her.

Last week I raved on here about awesome home and body products and whet your appetite for cookies and donuts. This week I’ve not posted anything because this has pressed in on me. God laid it directly on my heart to pray and ask boldly for this project. Now I’m boldly asking you to give towards this project.

Most fundraisers give you something as an incentive for giving- a ticket for a raffle, a silent auction, a garage sale with deals. Online fundraisers can be totally awesome- gift certificates, awesome homemade items, and even Ipads!!

Me? I’ve got nothing for you in exchange for your donation. Seriously.

I’m not going to even list all the reason you should give to this project.

Go read up and then give, please.


I do like this little equation. $100 = 1 brick. 250 bricks = project goal. That is very easy math. (yay me!)



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