Monday, August 1, 2011

Well, Would You Look At That!


Do you remember what last Thursday’s total was?


So, let’s see…

3,815 x 2 =  oh, never mind, it’s less than $7,665!!!!


Want to know something? I didn’t ask Janel if I could do this! I did ask her what they would do if the money wasn’t raised and she said that after they got back from their trip they would start discussing fundraising ideas.

Here’s a thought: What if, when they got back from their trip, they never had to discuss fundraising? Wouldn’t that be awesome beast epic whatever is the in word these days? That would be totally God, for one!!

Now here’s the thing… I know a handful of people, relatively speaking. I wrote on here, added a link on Facebook and had one person copy to her Facebook wall. That’s pretty much all the people I know. But, YOU, you know people! What if you got the word out? 

$7,665. That’s 76 bricks. If we take the total of 250 bricks and divided them into 4 walls, we’ve got 1 wall up.

You know the jokes… a few bricks shy of a…

I’m not saying that this little ol’ blog o’ mine can muster any more for the Asikuma Project. And, by the way, when I saw Janel at church, she was thrilled. She told me to look at the total (I hadn’t been online all weekend!) When I looked, it knocked me speechless! And I’m not saying me writing has been the sole influence for the increase. But I know God wants us to participate in what He’s doing whether in our hearts, in our homes, in our communities, churches or half-way across the world in some remote village that we’ll never visit.

So, if you know of some people, or of some way to spread the word, or find an extra brick or two just layin’ about (psst… that means $100), feel free to send them in the direction of the Asikuma Project!

Thank you!! 


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  1. It sounds like you have been very busy and brilliantly influential as of late. Congratulations on all your success.


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