Thursday, August 25, 2011

Craft Day!

My friend, Angie, hosted a craft day earlier this week. Ten of us gathered at her house for crafts and conversation. We crafted during the day while our younglings were all at school (at least, those of us who have younglings). Let me tell you, it was bliss. I wasn’t so focused on making every single project as I was just being with women. It just happened that fabric, paper, tile, hot glue guns, chalkboard paint, Mod Podge, and a die cutting machine were also a part of it.

What/Who was your inspiration for craft day? Meg Duerksen of the Whatever blog!! Here’s Angie showing us Meg.

Angie and Meg

Meg, we love you from the bottom of our hearts and since we may not ever be a part of your fab-o craft day, we made our own!

Here’s the fabric flower table. We took strips or cut out fabric and made a few varieties of fabric flowers. You can pin them on your gorgeous bag, on your blouse, in your hair or add a magnet, like I did.

Flower Pin Table

Here’s the tag table but also has the chalkboard tiles some of us painted. Die cut tags were embellished with doilies, stamps, fabric and knock-your-socks-off calligraphy by Mary. Some were going to use the chalkboard tiles as menu planners. I might get some larger ones, 6x6 and make them as a note station for my kids. The rest of us used Mod Podge and adhered scrapbook paper to the tiles to make coasters or trivets.

Tag Center

Here’s an gathering of our crafts endeavors. The bright perky fabric is for Becky’s office. The bag is Nicole’s but the button on the purse is her creation. See the handwriting on the tags? Mary!!

Crafty Goodness

We also had lunch and Angie made chicken salad. You can immediately taste the sweetness, but it is a pleasant surprise and not overwhelming. Yum!

Angie, thanks for clearing off your basement tables for all of us. I had a great time!!


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