Monday, August 22, 2011

Winterset Harescramble

If you’ve been keeping track, this week’s harescramble coverage is the 3rd one in 3 weeks. That’s right- 3 weekends in a row of racing! We love it. The boys love it. I love it! But I am also ready to not load up again. In my dreams, I hear brrrapppp and see bikes and bikes and bikes. This momma needs a break!

That being said, we loaded up not only the kids, but also three birthday buddies to celebrate Ben’s birthday early. He wanted to bring friends to his race for his party and this was the closest not only to his birthday, but also to where we were willing to drive to with three extra boys in tow.

Ben’s race was super early- 8:30 A.M. so we had the boys spend the night before. That alone would have been enough to call it a birthday party- supper outside, campfire s’mores, boy banter, armpit farts, bike riding, toad catching and more before off to bed at a very reasonable time. After all, they were going to have to get up at 5:30 A.M. so we could get to the race!

At this particular race, it was not only the Iowa Enduro Riders but also the national race with the pro-riders. That means that there are the racers that come from around Iowa and nearby states to race, as usual, plus others who are willing to race the national circuit all over. The pro-riders are the fast, fast guys. It was going to be quite a day.

There were twelve kids in Ben’s race and it was the most difficult one Ben has yet to race. The national riders got off like a shot and flew around the track. Our local boys did their best. Ben ended up getting 7th overall! He’s a bit disappointed because he was hoping for a really good finish. We’re proud of him because he got through the course and rode a good race.

Maxxis Corner

Camo Place Winner

Bill’s race was next and it was a good one, too. Fairly technical- logs, water, rocks. Bill likes that kind of racing. Good thing, too because he got first in his class!

It's RockyRocky Ditch

Podium Bill

Finally, before we watched the pros and A and B riders rip it up, the pros had an autograph session. Let me just say, these guys were nice to our boys (and girl). I think that ought to be the #1 requirement of a pro-anyone of pro-anything: Be good to your fans!!! You were once a little kid with high hopes and now you are that inspiration to many kids; you set a example of how an professional should behave to your peers and you earn the respect of your “elders”. If you can’t be nice, you shouldn’t be a pro!

Group AutographAutograph TimeGirl AutographLittle Autographs

Our friend, Joe, was able to come down from MN for the race! Yeah!Talking ShopJoe and Bill

The ultimate fan club always includes Aunt Denise!

Fan Club

Maybe the first time all day, all 4 sat down together?! They were hot, tired, dirty yet still smilin’!

Race Friends


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