Friday, August 12, 2011

My Son, My Husband, My Nephew and Niece

Otherwise titled: Fremont Hare Scramble

(I was trying to keep the title theme going that kind of happened on it’s own this week, but it was messing with my hare scramble title theme.)

Last Sunday was the Fremont Hare Scramble. It has been over a month since the last race and Ben was just dying to get to the race. We spent the night before in a hotel, due to the funeral. At 6:30 A.M., when our alarms went off, our eyes struggled to pry open while Ben’s just popped open. While we roused ourselves, he laid in bed and chanted “I’m hyper. I’m hyper.” This is pretty much his cue that he’s ready to go, please everyone get dressed as fast as possible and if you can, skip breakfast. Let’s go!

This kind of concentration…


wins you this!

Fremont Ben, 3rd Place

Dad’s turn over a log…

Fremont Bill Front TireDSC_0642Fremont Bill Clear


1st place for him- but no picture because a) they were short award plaques and b) I’m supposedly not allowed to post place winners pictures of him on here. Hmph!

Look who came to the race this time? Texas cousins!!

Race Day Family

What do you do at a hare scramble if you’re not racing and your Uncle Bill’s race lap length is 13 miles long? Sit. Wait. Whittle out a fish hook. And smile for your Aunt Mindy. Right, Tayla? (oh, you also can get chiggers, but we’d prefer not to talk about that. Sad smile )


Jabin was just itching (figuratively, at this point) to ride. A hare scramble really isn’t the place to ride around. There isn’t room. So once we got back home, we unloaded bikes, donned helmets, pants and boots and headed to the empty lots next door.

Riding Jabin

Jabin took off immediately. Fast. After getting a feel for the bike for approximately 10 seconds, he decided he was ready for some dirt pile action.

Pre Jump JabinJump Jabin

I see someone’s been paying attention to his cousin’s riding.

First course of action: Go.

Second: Stand up.

Standing Jabin

Last: Stop. Later. Three laps later. Smile

Riding 201 Jabin

At one point, he stopped by to yell out, “Momma! I’m in second gear!”

Tayla was thrilled with the toads the boys had caught. Poor Mario and Luigi. They got the handling of their lives. (I tried capturing the toad happiness but never got a good shot.)

What a full, fun day!


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