Saturday, October 1, 2011

Craft Day, September Edition

A look at our most recent craft day…

It always starts with about an hour’s worth of conversation. It just has to.

Craft Day Kitchen

Then to get started, we peruse the crafting selections. Thanks to Pinterest, besides the options being endless, everyone can read up on directions beforehand.

Usually the first thing to happen is the painting. Chalkboard paint is at the top of the list. We’ll chalkboard paint anything! Last month it was tiles. This month metal trays. Next month- our family. Just kidding.

In Angie’s basement is where the rest of the crafting takes place. And don’t forget the talking.

Here is Nicole working on a button bracelet. She’s doing it the true, genuine way- sewing each individual button on. She’s a do it right kind of gal- but after the umpteenth button she was ready for some hot glue. Girl stuck it out though and finished a super cute bracelet. She got the base ribbon at Hobby Lobby. It’s elastic!! Read her post on craft day here.Buttons and Munchie Mix

Lindsay came and brought her own craft. She was MAKING HER OWN FABRIC!! She cut out the stencil and painted on the duck cloth (I think) to make the fabric. I can’t remember what she said she was going to do with it- either hang it up somewhere or make a pillow. Girl’s got talent, for sure!

Making Fabric

Marci helped Angie cut strips of fabric, sew them together and then wrap it around itself until this posy popped up. Sewing

Jenn, my neighbor came. I don’t have a picture of Jenn. I don’t have a picture of what she crafted. Why? I don’t know why. It was great! Lucky for us, though, she blogged about it and you can see it. She was pretty happy with how it turned out but still wanted to fuss with it to get it just right. But she had to go home and get her little one down for a nap.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do. Part of the problem is that sometimes you have too many options. On top of that, I’m never quite sure how I’m going to use what I’ve crafted. I’m not really a craft just because I can kind of person. I’m more of craft because I have a need and crafting will fulfill that need kind of person. So I hemmed around a bit but then chose the chalkboard metal tray. I then remembered that I had a garage sale find Scrabble game back home. I ran home, literally and grabbed the game. (I also brought out the garbage for the garbage man, which is why I literally ran home.) When I got back to Angie’s, I placed a magnet on the back of each Scrabble letter and stuck them to my chalkboard tray. Craft done!

September Crafts

For lunch Angie made taco soup which was yummy, however, it was Nicole’s Pumpkin Pie Dip that stole the meal. She served it with fresh apples.

Yay for craft day, friends, food and, of course, fellowship!

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  1. Actually, this was the recipe I used.....

    1. I didn't remember if I had brown sugar
    2. No cool whip

    Maybe I'll make this recipe next time, and make sure I have all ingredients on hand.



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