Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Girlfriend Time

A few weeks ago, my high school girlfriends and I got together. Last year we met at Tassel Ridge Winery which is closer to Allyson and I, so this year we met at Fireside Winery, which is a little closer to Nicky and Sarah. As an added bonus, it is just up the road from the Williamsburg Outlet mall (so I left early and shopped a bit, of course!!).

It’s a nice winery, with a lovely view of the vineyards. I didn’t take any pictures of those, but I did take a picture of Nicky and Sarah attempting to start our fire pit fire. Unfortunately, they were both unsuccessful, even with Nicky’s fire safety background and Sarah’s vast camping experience. I happen to think that there wasn’t any kindling to start small with so it really wasn’t a failure on their part, but what do I know? I just sat back with Allyson and took pictures.


As we talked and caught up, we were entertained by the band, Pro Musica. They played a nice mix of songs and were all around great.

Pro Musica

Our favorite wine of the day was Brianna, a semi-sweet white. It was slightly more dry than sweet.


Again, we closed up the place. A few people even thought we were sister pairs: Allyson and Sarah and Nicky and I. After we explained, they encouraged us to continue to get-together, which we plan to do!

Fireside edit 2


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