Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Drove a Tractor

No kidding! I really did drive a tractor. I’ve got pictures to prove it!

Bill and I were up working on my uncle’s farm. At the end of the day, Bill called me over and gave me my first tractor driving lesson.

First off, there is no key to start it. You pull two button things to start it. Then you press the clutch with your left foot, the two brake pedals with your right, maneuver it into gear with whatever hand you choose, then slowly push the throttle lever forward with your right hand. That’s it. Off you go. Easy Peasy.

Well, eventually. After a few hundred times, I suppose. Bill showed me how, rode with me a turn, then hopped off to man the camera while I sat there pressing with all my might to get the clutch fully in, both brake pedals pushed in with my other foot, throttle, gear-shifting, all while trying not to fall off the seat. These tractors are not made for 5’4” lightweights. He could have taken a month’s worth of pictures while waiting for me!

In GearOn the Throttle

But once I got it going- see my goofy grin? You’d think I’d just discovered diesel power for all mankind!

Giddy Smile

Finally came my backwards driving test! Look at my concentration. Apparently I was bound and determined to make up for years of no backwards driving in one single effort! LOL! And, I was just backing up into an empty space, not hitching up to anything.


Don’t get your hopes up, folks. I’m not going to be leading any parades, apple orchard jaunts, or hayrack rides anytime soon. In fact, probably never!!

Oh- I do know how to stop. Throttle back, brakes, clutch in, neutral, buttons in. I’m pretty sure, at least. Smile 


  1. Way to go! I drove the tractor at the family farm tonight. With a full wagon of corn behind me. :)


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