Monday, October 17, 2011

We Read License Plates

At the very end of July, we went to Adventureland for a day of fun. As we were walking back to our car for lunch, Ben and I were noticing the many different state license plates in the parking lot. There were a lot.

Later on, as we were noticing more plates, I thought “Gee, it would be fun to play the states plates game, but then you gotta keep track of the paper, make sure it’s in the right vehicle, blah, blah, blah.” Then I realized there just might be an app for my phone and started looking.

You guessed it- I found one!! It’s called St8Pl8. It’s free from the Android market.

It’s pretty simple- mark the plates you see. It includes D.C. but no Canada plates or anything else. You can see what you have marked, what you have left to mark, etc. Enough product review.

I installed in on my phone at the beginning of August and we only have 8 state plates left!!! Wanna know which ones? Alaska, Delaware, D.C. Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Vermont, Wyoming. That’s it!!!

Bill wants to adapt the rules a bit- “If you see Alaska, you can pick any 5 states to mark off. If you see Hawaii, you win the whole thing.:” Me? I’m not sure I’m gonna go with that. I might hold out, in my usual stubbornness, until we see every blessed state plate! Smile In any case, you should see us. We’re relentless. We scan every vehicle that passes by. I can spot a Missouri plate from 100 yards away. Three versions of a Minnesota plate can’t fool me. A new parking lot? Don’t be surprised to find us cruising up and down the aisles, staring at cars’ rear-ends. Back to school time was a boon for us, since we live near ISU.

I’m just telling you all this for your entertainment, because here’s the thing- you can’t look for us. We have to see it ourselves. But pick up your free app for your fam and enjoy the drive!


  1. I saw ALASKA this morning. No joke. On my way into Iowa City I followed an ALASKA plate! Of course I thought of you :) Does that count? That a fellow blogger saw it?

  2. @Lori
    How I wish it did!!! And I've been through IA City 2 times in the last month! I guess you'll just have to start your own state plates game, instead. :)

  3. To take this whole game the capital of the state. I did this when {and still often do it today} I road tripped out to Fort Collins, CO all by myself a couple years ago. {I used paper though.} But it was a great geography lesson. If I had a map, I would have mapped the state as well. Want me to bring my Wyoming plate so you can see that? :)


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