Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sports Kids

I’ve actually been mulling over a few post ideas- but they haven’t come to fruition because they take time to develop, write out, edit, etc. and I’m a bit busy these days. Yes, busy with a myriad of things that take me away from composing thorough ideas, but also busy with these sweet three. We’ve been traveling all over central Iowa watching their sports endeavors and here are some favorite pics of mine.

My girl is hanging in there for her cross country meets. She only lets me cheer for her when she away from me, not close up.

Audrey- Norwalk Meet

Ben is just as intense in soccer as his motorcycle races. His body moves strongly and athletically across the fields. I love to watch him.

Ben- Soccer

Luke’s first year of soccer is going well. Our little social bug loves hanging out with his team…

Game Boys

and cheering when the “Tomatoes” score!

Luke- Cheering on the Team

He’s very entertaining to watch. We’re not sure where he got this idea…

Luke- Soccer Stance

but it obviously helps him run fast! Smile

Luke- Soccer Short Swoosh


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